Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas ornaments received from my best friend Terry for my Christmas tree

(Santa's boots)

Designer: Pinflair kits

Type of needlework: Craft and Ribbonwork

Photos: 3

Pinflair website: http://pinflair.co.uk/

Comments: Terry and I exchange gifts mainly for two very special occasions during the year, Christmas and our birthdays. We have now been doing that for years. Gifts vary considerably from year to year depending on our circunstances, but no matter what we end up giving each other, it is always wonderful and very appreciated by both of us. We seem to have the same tastes ao we can be pretty sure that if I like something, chances are great that Terry will also like it. This makes things much easier for both of us to give each other presents that will be treasured for the rest of our lives.

This year, she was not really into stitching much so she purchased these lovely kits and made me five lovely ornaments for Christmas. I am absolutely thrilled with them and after I finish writing this post I will rush down and hang them on my Christmas tree.

I have been thinking about taking lots of close-up photographs of all my Christmas ornaments that are decorating my tree this year and making a little slide-show with them. My interests are very diverse, so having a Christmas theme just does not work for me, so it is a bit of this and a bit of that and I just love it.

(Tartan pinecones)

I love pinecones and I think it is such a wonderful ideas to make them with ribbons.
It will look great in my Christmas tree.


I was looking at Pinflair website which is a British site and they have such an abondance of kits
that it must have been hard for  my friend to choose the ones she has selected this year.

A funny thing just happened, while I am writing this, my husband just came into my stitching room and he was asking me if they have lots of other kits there and I showed him all that they have on their website and he showed me all those that he liked (big grin). Gosh, someone could start a tradition with them as there are so many to choose from.

................. and to think that I now have Santa's boots (smiling)