Friday, July 23, 2010

Napkin Rings: Brenda Day, designer

Project: Napkin Rings

Designer: Brenda Day

Type of needlework: Bargello

Photos: 5

Brenda Day's book called: Bargello, A fresh approach to Florentine embroidery

Comments: It is very rare that I do more than one project from one single book, but with this book, I have already done the two napkin rings (photos above and below),  a Florentine pincushion, which in my case is a little decorative mini pillow and 2 Kaleidoscope coasters, so that must be a record for me.

This is a project that did not take very long to make from start to finish and since I love doing bargello, this was especially fun for me. I especially love to do projects that are useful and this one certainly is.

There was two color selection for the napkin rings and I picked one that I especially love. The other one has greens in it, but of course someone can do any color combination that they wish.

Finishing instructions are always included with all her projects making things much easier for me to do my own finishing. I have included a few photos showing different steps I went through.

(Photo of two stitched napkin rings)

(This photo shows the front and the back of two napkin rings)

(Photo showing one napkin ring completed with the second one waiting in the wing)

(Brenda Day's book from which this project was taken from)