Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Terra Rosa: Elsa M. Parrish, designer

Project: Terra Rosa

Designer: Elsa M. Parrish

Type of needlework: Needlepoint
(Line drawing)

Photos: So far 8

Comments: This is an ongoing project coming from my UFO pile.

As we all knew when I started this new blog that one day I would be more or less caught up with previously finished projects that were on my old blog and that most posting would be either about UFOs that are screaming to be completed or totally new projects that I just can't resist even with my pile of UFOs. Well, today is THE day.

When I saw this project "Terra Rosa) and also another one called "Yut Ta Hey", there was no doubt in my mind that I had to purchase them both, which I did at the time. They both came with line drawing on canvas, threads and instructions.

This one has been sitting for a long time in one of my box and then I took it out at one point and done quite a bit on it actually as you will be able to see by yourselves from the photos below, but there are still a little bit more to be done, which I intend to do and it will be finished this time around. Its UFO status is about to end.

This project is all about Indian potery and it includes the following ones from left to right (see photo below):

  • Double necked wedding jar (done in grey)

  • Shallow bowl (done in pink with some blue)

  • Bridal basket (not stitched yet - will be done in coffee cream)

  • Flat plate (started but not completed - will be done in mauve)

  • Olla - water jar (done in gold)

  • Storage jar (done in mauve)
You can also see the buttes stitched in mauve and I have already completed many lines done with ribbons and special stitches. I still have a few more to do and also the side bars needs to be done.

I had to do some adjustments while stitching Terra Rosa as the line drawings that were traced on the canvas were not the same as the photograph provided by Elsa, so that forced me into doing a bit of improvisation here and there.

I have found this project a bit challenging at times for multiple reasons, but have always loved it and that is the reason why I want to complete its stitching. It will be so nice to have it framed and put on a special wall of my home.


You can find out about them here on my blog under: "What I am currently working on and updates on project"
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as I still want to keep every project together.

Whenever I am ready to add new photos, I will write "Update on the right side of my
 blog with the date" I will also write the same thing on this blog entry until the stitching has been completed and I am ready to start working on a different project. I will then put the completed project photo on TOP of this post. All other photos will be added at the end of this post, except the finished one which will go on top.

(I am just starting stitching the double necked wedding jar and also the ring of the shallow bowl in pink and black)

(On this photo we can see the double necked wedding jar and the shallow bowl all stitched. We can also see the buttes in the background)

(Here we see the buttes, thedouble necked wedding jar, the shallow bowl and the start of the storage jar. I have also included a photo of how the whole design will look like when completely stitched)

(Closeup view of the storage jar)

(This photo shows what has been stitched at this point)

(Now we see the olla or water jar)

(Double necked wedding jar, shallow bowl, olla or water jar and storage jar completed)

(Closeup photo of olla or water jar and storage jar)