Monday, April 19, 2010

Posy Scissor Poke: Sue Hawkins, designer

Project: Posy Scissor Poke

Designer: Sue Hawkins

Type of needlework: Needlepoint


Comments: This is a kit that I purchased some time ago and it stayed in my pile of things to do for quite a bit of time until I made the decision that I wanted to stitch this project.

This project is mostly stitched using the tent stitch.

I rarely do projects that use the tent stitch almost exclusively as it tends to bore me to death, which also explains why I love working in so many different techniques. Doing so keeps me on my toes all the time as I do need a bit of challenge in my stitching life, though I must say that every single project teaches me something and this one was no exception.

It took me a few trials and errors to figure out the best way to stitch together the last two seams but I got it in the end, which is what counts. My learning curve has gone up a little bit with this project as it should be.

As it so often happens when I make some research about the designer  of the piece I have been stitching I discover interesting informations and this time was no exception with Sue Hawkins. I found out that Sue had her own website and many very interesting projects, something that I had no idea about. I can't remember where I purchased  this project but I do know it was not directly from her website. It could have been from either one of the British Guilds or Country Bumpkin in Australia.

Anyway I am glad that I have found out about her designs and may very well stitch something else of hers in the future.

(Photo showing the scissor case and a pair of bigger scissors beside it)

(Photo showing the scissors inside the case but not completely down)

(Scissor case closed with the blue scissors inside)

(Photo showing the case with some smaller scissors)

(Photo taken after the stitching had been completed)

(Photo showing a ring and a piece of felt for the inside of the scissor case)

(Photo showing the instructions that came with the kit)