Sunday, March 7, 2010

A little horse called Suzie: Needle case

Project: A little horse called Suzie

Designer: A stitched drawing with the addition of silk ribbon flowers in the corners
(This was done for a needle case exchange)

Type of needlework: Embroidery and Silk Ribbon

Drawing taken from this book on page 86: Motifs for Crazy Quilting by J. Marsha Michler

Photos: 2

Comments: When I was part of Crazy Quilting International, we often made exchanges and these items did not have to be crazy quilting for such exchanges as long as it was something that we embroidered ourselves.

The woman who had been selected to receive my needle case had a love for horses and she had had many during her lifetime but there was one special horse that she had especially loved riding and her name was "Suzie". I thought that she might enjoy receiving a needle case with a horse on its cover and I made this one for her. I added some silk ribbon flowers at two corners and a little bit of cording.

From what she told me when she opened it, she was real happy about receiving something like this.

Lots of interesting photos for embroidery in this book which makes it an interesting book to have for crazy quilters but also for someone who is only searching for a drawing to embroider.