Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas ornament received from my good friend Rinda

(Photo of Christmas ornament made by Rinda)

Project: Christmas ornament

Designer: Margaret Bendig

Type of needlework: Needlepoint

Photos: 2

Comments: My good friend Rinda made this lovely Christmas ornament for me using different red and gold threads and she then finished it with lots and lots of gold and red beads.

I really need to also start finishing some of mine with beads as they really make a beautiful finishing. Seeing one upclose like this one will certainly motivate me in doing so in the future. I just got so used to making a decorative cord for them that I just don't stop and think about beads for some of my finishings. I think that this is about to change.

I rarely post photos on my blog of the back of an ornament, but I thought of making an exception here as I really love the fabric that Rinda used for hers. I think it is just perfect.

I also received some yummy biscottis with my Christmas ornament that Rinda made herself as she loves to cook. I know these biscottis will be wonderful as she also sent me some last year and I can tell you that they did not last too long as both my husband and I found them absolutely delicious. I only had eaten some store bought ones before which did not hold a candle to the ones Rinda made. I am now a biscotti convert (smiling)

(Photo showing the fabric on the back of Rinda's ornament)