Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pansy Lady Crazy Quilting Needlebook

Project: Pansy Lady Crazy Quilting Needlebook

Designer: Original design from Peggy White

Type of needlework: Crazy Quilting

Photos: 6

Comments: This project was originally designed for a pouch, but I thought that I would probably never use it so I turned around and made a needlebook instead with the design.

There was a little kit coming with this project, a fabric image of lady with pansies, a ribbon pansy, some hand dyed silk ribbon, some silk threads. I looked around in my stash for some fabric and came up with what you can see in the photos. I have also made other contributions to the final arrangement.

I have always enjoyed this needlebook as this is my biggest one size wise and I have been using every bit of space in it during the past years. I do have approximately 6 needlebooks at this time.  I have made quite a few others but have given them away either as gifts to friends or as part of some exchanges.

(Naked Block)

(After stitching)

(Photo showing pansy section close-up)

(Close-up of tree and flowers)

(Close-up of the fabric image of lady with pansies)