Sunday, February 14, 2010

Windows into my Heart: Ruthmarie Hofmann, designer

Project: Windows into my heart
(2004 ANG CyberWorkshop)

Designer: Ruthmarie Hofmann

Type of needlework: Needlepoint

Photos: 3

Comments: I am so glad that I have finally completed the stitching on this project as there was so many roadblocks for me.

 First the two choice of colors offered to us as kit were not the colors that the original was stitched with and I had fallen in love with the original colors as they were a big part of my decision making for deciding to do this project, so that was a big disappointment from the start. Apparently some of the colors were just not available anymore and the designer had to select other colors. Then I had a problem with the canvas. The design was originally stitched in a certain canvas count and mine was different and I had not realized it so I ended up short and had to make compromises that I really did not care to make.

I was so disappointed at one point that I just put it aside and it took me years before I took it out again. The thing is that I really love this design and something in me wanted it done  no matter what. Once I took it out, I just went ahead and did the best I could with what I had in hand. To me this will never be as pretty as the original colors, but I am happy that I got it done.

Update: March 9, 2010:    This is the photo that I had seen about the project and I just felt in love with it. The thread colors are much lighter, softer and the box is covered with a fabric that looks a bit like white or off-white. I just loved the elegance of it. The fabric that came with the kit was of some red/purple color and I did not feel comfortable using it and ended up framing mine.

I never usually stitch the same project twice as I feel that there are so many great designs out there that there is really no need to do so, but if I could somehow manage to find everything needed to replicate it, I would in an instant. I remember the beads were also a problem as they had been discontinued.