Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goldwork Fountain Pen: SharonG, designer

Project: Goldwork fountain Pen
(Painted canvas)

Designer: SharonG

Type of needlework: Goldwork and Needlepoint

Photos: 6

Sharon G. website: http://www.sharong.com/

Box purchased here: Sudberry House 

Comments: This is a painted design I purchased ages ago and after leaving it in my pile of unstitched projects with all the others for the longest of time, I finally took the painted canvas out and stitched it.

I had purchased it for a gift. I can't remember if it was for my husband's birthday or Christmas. The only thing I do know is the fact that many Christmasses and birthdays came and went before he finally got it. It happily sits on his desk with all his beautiful pens inside the box, all tucked in.

The photo below shows part of the pen stitched. What is missing is the stitching on the top part of the pen and also the background stitches. For some reason I seem to have forgotten to take photos of that section after it was completed. You can still see it in the other photos fortunately. I changed a few things in SharonG's design as you will be able to see when looking at the very last photograph below.

(photo showing all stiching except the top part of the pen and the background)

(This is another view of the box)

(Still another view)

(...and another view)

(This photo came with SharonG's instructions, the way she stitched hers)