Saturday, February 13, 2010

Morris Impressions: Ann Caswell, designer

Project: Morris Impressions

Designer: Ann Caswell

Type of needlework: Bargello

Photos: 2

Pattern found in Piecework magazine, Jan/Feb 1999, pp 18 - 20

Free pattern at the Caron Collection HERE

Comments: I first saw this design in the magazine and loved it. Later on, I saw the exact same thing online and have included the link above. The issue of this magazine is probably not available anymore anyway and there is absolutely no differences in the instructions between the two, exact same thing.

The colors and the threads used for this project are just so yummy, at least to me. I truly enjoyed stitching it, though I needed to be very careful with the counting and I think if I remember correctly that there were some little errors between the stitched photo and the diagrams. It has been a while so I can't remember exactly what they were, but I was very careful to check both before stitching any portions of the design, which is good advice for any projects.

This project was finished as a little decorative pillow, something I could have done, but selected instead to have it framed. If I were to redo it again, I think that I would go for the pillow.