Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hearts to Hold Tussie Mussie: Annaliese Noel, designer

Project: Hearts to Hold Tussie Mussie

Name of designer: Annaliese Noel

Type of needlework: Needlepoint and Beading

Photos: 4

Comments: At the moment I saw this design, I knew that I wanted to stitch it. It is just so beautiful and delicate.

In her project description, Annaliese Noel says the following "Hearts to Hold is a gentle reminder of another time. Fill it with potpourri and hang it to scent a corner, a light or a closet, or fill it with holiday greens and berries for a Victorian Tree Ornament".

This was not a difficult project to stitch but I had to be careful about counting and tracing the outline properly on the back of my stitching once it had been completed. All the time I was stitching this Tussie Mussie, I was thinking that this could also look fantastic as a fan project.

All the instructions for assembly and finishing were also included so I was able to do this project from start to finish.

I used some lovely silk dupioni fabric for the inside lining, created a tassel and threaded a crystal matte bead and a lovely carved crystal heart bead and attached everything at the very bottom of the Tussie Mussie.

I also made a small twisted cord that I attached around the top opening of the Tussie Mussie and also made a little hanger which you can see in one of the close-up photo below.

(Close-up photo)

(Another close-up taken sideway, showing the little hanger too)

(Photo showing the stitching completed before assembling)