Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Night Blossom Nugget Box: Debbie Deem designer

Project: Night Blossom Nugget Box

Designer: Debbie Deem of StitchArtz

Photo: 1

Debbie's website: http://www.stitchartz.com/

Comments: I remember when I first read about this little project on one of the blog that I read on a regular basis that I thought this was a really cute little project and that it would be fun to stitch it. I love boxes of all sizes and this one was quite original. It still is.

On January 30th of the year 2009, I paid my $75.00 to Stitchartz through Paypal so that I could participate in that online class. It was going to be a 10 week on-line class scheduled to start on March 15, 2009.

There was a painted canvas that I was due to receive for the beginning of that class. I did receive it on March 23, 2009, beautiful colors as I had chosen "Midnight Mist". I started Debbie's "orientation online class" on March 28 of 2009.

I, along with the other participants in the class, received the first 4 lessons of this project, the last one being on October 19, 2009 and that was the end of what I have received up to now and we are now September 15, 2010. There was a forum in which we could communicate with the teacher, but I can't access it anymore. It may have gone or is just inaccessible to me/us, not sure which one of the two.

As of this morning there are still 169 students in that class and we are all in LIMBO, not really knowing if we will ever be able to complete this project or not as we have not heard from Debbie Deem in months.

I personally have never requested my money back as I was and still am hoping that we will receive the lessons that we have never received and have a happy ending to this deplorable situation. I may be over optimistic here, but hey we never know.

I know that I am in good company here since we are still 169 students in that class patiently waiting and hoping that Debbie will be back one of these days (sooner rather than later) with the rest of our lessons for NIGHT BLOSSOM NUGGET BOX and perhaps she will also make some kind of amends to all of us. We sure deserve something for being so darn patient.