Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gold and Burgundy Ornament: Gay Ann Rogers, designer

Project: Gold and White Ornament
(In my case it is Gold and Burgundy Ornament)

Designer: Gay Ann Rogers

Type of needlework: Needlepoint

Photos: 2

Shining Needle Society: http://www.shiningneedlesociety.com/

Comments: Gay Ann created this little ornament to celebrate her new website a while back.

This is different from what I have done as it is stitched on "perforated paper". I had heard about stitchers using this medium before but had never tried it myself, so decided that it was the perfect occasion to do so.

It has its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage was that I could just hold it in my hand while stitching it, something that almost never happens when I am stitching something, so that was nice. The finishing was very easy to do and quick.

What I did not really like was the fact that it was done on perforated paper. Maybe I am a stitching snob, but I prefer using the "real" thing. I am also not overly crazy using Aida but I have used it at times quite successfully, so it all depends on what I want to do.

In ending, I am glad that I have tried it but I don't think that I will use perforated paper in the future, but hey we never know and will keep an open mind about it.

(Photo showing the stitched ornament before adding the back to the front)

If I remember correctly I had to under the last long gold stitches as those were the ones that held the front and back together, but that was no big deal and did not take long to undo and redo once the back was under the front.

For the loop, I have use some pretty gold "kind of elastic", you know the ones they sometimes put to hold a box of chocolate closed. It seems ideal as it keeps its shape and looks like a ring.