Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bookmark: Bernice Designs

Project: Bookmark

Designer: Bernice Designs

Type of needlework: Cross Stitch

Photos: 2

Comments: My friend Terry knows how much I love bookmarks so she stitched one for me and send me a second one for me to stitch (grinning).

One interesting aspect of these bookmarks is that once you have stitched the design you slide it inside the card mount and there is even a little envelope in which you can put it in. I guess, all you have to do after that is just address it, put postage and mail it or just hand deliver it.

The photo below show the one that my friend has sent me with mount, envelope, thread and of course instructions.

(Photo showing what the kit contains)


SPECIAL NOTE: To all of you who are Jean Hilton's fans, ScottLee is now exclusively sold at Stitches from the Heart.

ScottLee is the first design shown on that webpage at present. I have just received my own copy from that shop with all the necessary threads and canvas and I am so looking forward to the first opportunity I get to start working on it. I have always thought it was such a lovely design and I love the colors used.

This special design has been inspired by Jean's stepson Scott's love of Persian rugs.