Monday, June 21, 2010

Angelina Fibers: Golden Heart Ornament

Project: Angelina Fibers Golden Heart ornament

Designer: My friend Terry

Type of needlework: Mixed media

Photo: 1

Angelina Fibers Tutorial here on the Joggles website 

Angelina—Reflected & Refracted Light by Sonja Lee-Austin
Interesting project ideas on this blog: http://fembellish.wordpress.com/category/fibers/angelina/

Comments: Terry surprised me one year with a little Christmas ornament that she made for me with Angelina fibers. I have never used it myself so far, but I am highly interested in finding out exactly what can be done with this.

I do happen to have a needlepoint project that I will soon start working on that uses Angelina Fibers, so it won't be very long before I actually get some experience with those fibers.

I have included above a few links to get us all started reading about it if we so desire. There are also books on the market about that topic.