Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Halloween ID Card

Project: Halloween ID Card for Terry

Designer: I took the witch design from http://cathycreatif.free.fr/index_galerie.php
and added details to make it look like a real Witch ID Card
(if such a beast has ever existed)

Type of needlework: Mixed media and Embroidery

Photo: 1

Comments: Anytime that I get close to Halloween I start feeling the urge of stitching something a bit on the wild side and that was no exception for some past Halloween when I decided that I wanted to make something special for my friend Terry and I thought to myself what could be more personal than giving Terry her own Halloween ID Card, right?

There has been an ongoing joke between the two of us, with her jumping on her broomstick to come visit me in order to save on petrol (she lives in the UK) and I live in the USA and they don't put "gas" in their car overthere like we do here but they rather put "petrol" instead (grinning).

I was real concerned that with all the Halloween sky traffic, some overzealous policeman might stop her and ask her for some identification. She could nott very well show him her driver's permit since she would be flying and not driving, so I thought that with a Witch ID card made especially for her, she might then be ready for all eventualities no matter over which country air traffic space she might happen to be flying over at any given time.
I scanned the photo as the digital camera was not giving me good pictures, but I am afraid that her hair got a bit squeezed in the process. Oh well, we can't win them all.

It was actually a long process to make that little ID card as first I had to decide on some drawings for the witch, then I had to find photos for the ID itself, put the two together in a design, then I added a bit of color with Prismacolor crayons, then scanned it and printed it on fabric. After that I actually started stitching, then added a bit more color this time with some watercolor crayons and a little bit of water, then I found some purple fabric for the back, put a little padding in between and stitched the back with the front.

Of course, I had to write Terry's name with profession and I could not resist the impulse to stitch a little spider too. No Halloween respectable photograph would find itself without either spiderwebs or spiders, so added that last detail. Since I did not want the stitching community to think that Terry is a witch in real  life, I stitched her a plastic nose which is being held with an elastic. I gave her some reddish hair as those are Terry's natural hair color. I did not want to make her clothing too chic either as she is a witch after all and they are not supposed to be well dressed, at least I don't think so.

I had lots of fun with this little project and Terry also had fun with it showing it around.