Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bargello Symphony: Loretta Spears, designer

Project: Bargello Symphony
(Mystery #8)

Designer: Loretta Spears

Type of Needlework: Bargello

Photos: 2

This design can also be seen on ANG website

Comments: Loretta Spears! I love her designs. I am normally the kind of person who do NOT want to do any mystery projects as I like to see what it will look like when done. I would hate to put time, efforts and money into something that I will end up wondering why in the world I have stitched that. I had seen this project on the ANG website (link above) and I just loved it. Having this photograph was a big help guiding me with my first mystery.

This was a big project and it took me quite a bit of time stitching exclusively on it but the end result is just so incredibly beautiful. I bet you can tell that I just love it.

There was quite a bit of counting and I had to pay great attention to what I was doing but overall it was a pleasure to stitch it. I had been fortunate enough to be able to find the kit so my threads are the original ones.

Update: March 09/2010: Just found a photograph of Bargello Symphony before any framing had been done.