Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Winter Reflections or Mystery #2: Loretta Spears, designer

Project: Winter Reflections
(Mystery #2)

Designer: Loretta Spears

Type of needlework: Needlepoint

Photos: 8

Comments: This project is a joint venture between another stitcher, Sharon D. from South Carolina, and myself.

I was at the time stitching another Loretta Spears project (Superstition) when I was contacted by Sharon D. about Winter Reflections. She had started stitching it a while back and had to stop for health reasons and she wanted to know if I would like to have it and finish it. The answer was a resounding "YES" and she mailed it to me. The following photo shows how much Sharon had already stitched on it.

Another interesting point about this project is the fact that Sharon D. had purchased this pattern directly from Loretta Spears herself in her own store which was located somewhere in Colorado.

So, with this project, there are parts of three different persons, Loretta who held this pattern in her hands, sold it to Sharon D. who in turn stitched a good portion of it, then it arrived at my home.  I finished the stitching already started by Sharon D. and had it framed. Perhaps we can also add my husband who helped to select frame and mat and of course my framer who never spares any efforts to do her very best to make us happy.

All this makes this project a very special one.

My friend Pat has also stitched this project before I did and you can see hers her on her blog called Needle Art Nut

Final note: Loretta pointed out the fact that her design could be shown either vertically or horizontally. I chose the horizontal option myself as I felt it looked better somehow.

Special thank you to Sharon D. for giving me this lovely piece.

(Photo showing sections already stitched by Sharon D.)

(First 3 lessons completed)


(Closer close-up)

(First 4 lessons completed)

(Photo showing the stitching completed)

(Winter Reflections framed)

(Frame close-up)