Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crazy Quilting Round Robins

Projects: Crazy Quilting Round Robin Blocks

Type of needlework: Mixed media

Designer: Work I have done on some CQ Round Robin blocks

Photos: 5

Interesting online Crazy Quilting Magazine: http://www.cqmagonline.com/

Comments: At one point in my life I did a bit of Crazy Quilting. I have never done much of it as I love to create projects by themselves and not just blocks. I do love its possibilities though. Perhaps one of these days, I will actually create useful projects as there are not many on the market. I know there used to be some online CQ shops that had interesting things but they seem to have vanished. 

With a Round Robin, every crazy quilter creates her own naked block and then send it around to a little group of participants, which in turn do a little bit of work on her block and then mail it to the next person on the list and so on.

Once every participant has done her bit, then the block is returned to the original owner of the block. If the owner of that block had not done any prior work on her naked block, then she probably will have to finish embellishing her own block. If she has done prior work, then her block may return to her all completed. It really all depends on the participants involved and how much work and time they are willing to put on each block that comes their way.

These are a few of the photos of work done on other crazy quilters' blocks. I believe there are only two blocks involved here.

The first photo above, you will see a little hummingbird. It was originally all white, so I dyed it using Ozecraft Dyes and then attached to the CQ block with his beak in the direction of the flowers.

On this photo, I have stiched a lady's hat, adding ribbons and creating some silk ribbon roses on it. Have also done a seam treatment usiing different buttons, making sure the buttons went well together color wise and about the same size. I also made another seam treatment adding a bit of lace which I first dyed a pink shade to go with the colors of this block.

On this photo, I have stitched a little fan and embroidering with silk ribbons. Have added a ribbon at the bottom which I also dyed and added a little dyed flower on top of it. We can see the end of some lace at the bottom left, something I have also dyed and added to a seam. Have also done the seam treatment at the top of photo.

On this photo, we can also see some of the work that the other crazy quilters have done on this block.

On this other block, I have done a couple of seam treatments and spent a good amount of stitching time embroidering the willow tree on this block. The remaining work has been done by other crazy quilters.

Another crazy quilters also thought of doing something similar to my little hummingbird with different dye colors and a different flower, so with the same theme, options are only limited by our imagination or lack of it (grinning).