Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stitching Accessories Trio in Brazilian embroidery

Project: Stitching Accessories Trio

Designer: Created by my friend Terry as a gift for me

Type of needlework: Brazilian embroidery

Photo: 4

Comments: My friend Terry created this little trio (needlecase, pincushion and scissor fob) as a gift for me for a special occasion like a past birthday or Christmas. I can't recall exactly as we have been exchanging gifts for years.

To make the trio, she used some silk dupioni fabric with some Edmar threads. She then outlined the letter "P" on the needlecase, a circle on the pincushion and stitched everything in Brazilian embroidery. The little scissor fob has a different flower on both sides.

(Pincushion close-up)

(Letter "P" closeup from the needlebook)

(Close-up of a corner flower on the needlebook)