Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here Kitty: Cheryl Schaeffer, designer

Project: Here Kitty

Designer: Cheryl Schaeffer

Type of needlework: Needlepoint 
(painted canvas)

Photos: 2

Comments: One day when I was reading Pat's blog I saw this cat that seems to be playing peek-a-boo and I thought he was so darn cute as he had a playful attitute.

This cat reminded me of my best friend who has always had at least one cat at home ever since her childhood. I then spontaneously decided to purchase this painted canvas for her with the intent of offering her Kitty as a Christmas present. I thought can I possibly go wrong if I stitched her this cat. She just had to love it, right? And it turns out that she did indeed (big grin).

Since I had to mail it to her I left it unframed and she found this frame that just happened to have swirls all around the frame, a bit like the ones that were on Kitty's painted canvas, so she went for it.

Oh yes, I stitched a painted canvas, a rare thing with me, but when I inquired to Cheryl about Kitty, she directed me to Old Town Needlework in Scottsdale in Arizona where Alice Borge helped me grreatly by writing  me a nice little stitch guide explaining the stitches she would use and where and also the threads that would go nicely and she did all that without my having to ask her for one. Either my reputation of not stitching a painted canvas without a stitch guide is well known around the stitching world or Alice just give her customers great service .................... or maybe both :-)

Below is a photo showing the frame that my friend selected for Kitty.