Friday, June 18, 2010

Miniature Georgian house: Gay Ann Rogers, designer

Project: Miniature Georgian House

Designer: Gay Ann Rogers

Type of needlework: Needlepoint

Photo: 1

Shining Needle Society: http://www.shiningneedlesociety.com/

Comments: I thought it would be fun to stitch this cute little miniature Georgian House and finish it as an ornament and put on my Christmas tree during the holidays.  This was also really a quick stitch. We all need little projects like this one from time to time to do between bigger and more time consuming ones.

In case you are wondering, there was a bit of green paint applied on the canvas by Gay Ann before I did any stitching. This gave me some ideas for future projects as it seems rather easy to do really.

I am full of ideas. I just wish I had more time to work on them all. I do think that each project teaches me something and better prepare me for the one that follows.

In a following post, you will see the accompanying one which is a miniature garden gate which also had a bit of paint applied on the canvas by Gay Ann. The two of them together  make a nice little set.