Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Morning After: Anne Stradal, designer

Project: The Morning After
(Painted canvas)

Designer: Anne Stradal

Type of needlework: Needlepoint on painted canvas

Photos: 4

Comments: This was a fun project. I have pretty much stitched mine just like Anne stitched hers, making just a few changes here and there but nothing drastic. You can see Anne's Santa here and compare the two.

I did my own finishing on this project like I very often do. I wanted this project to be finished like a family portrait just like the ones you put in a frame and put on a desk somewhere in your house. I found just enough of a velour type fabric that had just the right shade of green that I needed and finished the back with it. Once that was done I added a red cording all around the frame and then made the little flap/stand to hold the picture upright that you can see on the back in the photo below..
(Back of my little photo frame)

(On this photo you can see both the front and the back before I put the two together)

(Photo taken just after all the stitching had been completed)