Sunday, June 13, 2010

Winter Frost: M. Lashley-Liston, designer

Project: Winter Frost

Designer: M. Lashley-Liston

Type of needlework: Needlepoint

Photos: 3

This design can be seen here on the ANG website

Comments: When I saw this project, I immediately wanted to stitch it as I just loved the elegance of its design and the stitches used.

If you are wondering what kind of blue shade the canvas for this project is,  it is Leviathan blue. This project also only needed a few different threads and beads.

I started by stitching the first two steps shown on photos below and then the following three steps, I more or less followed the directions given when decorating my tree but not entirely, so there are some differences between mine and the one stitched by the designer, which an observant eye can see by following the ANG link above and looking at the original.

In order to couch the different ribbons and attach the beads I had to use "invisible thread" and I must confess that on a big project, I just hated it. The number of times that I got in trouble were just too many to count. My patience ran pretty thin at times with that thread, but of course the thread had to be invisible for obvious reasons, so I took some deep breaths and kept going. I am happy that I did as I absolutely love the end result.

(This photo shows the first step)

(In this second step, the photo is now showing the eyelets)


Winter Frost framed. I can't believe the amount of time and number of photos taken in order to produce the photo below. This must have been the weirdest way of photographing a framed piece. I ended up putting it at a certain angle on my desk in a basket no more. Anyway, this is NOT my best accomplishment so far, but it must be my GREATEST effort at trying to produce a decent photo for you all. Hope that you will give me some browny points for "efforts" at least, if not for quality (grinning).

(Framed Winter Frost)