Friday, May 28, 2010

Wild Rose: Patricia Hartman, designer

Project: Wild Rose

Designer: Patricia Hartman

Type of needlework: Bargello

Photos: 2

Other designs from Patricia Hartman here.

Comments: This is a free project that came from the Chapter Project Booklet that as a member of CyberPointers I was able to obtain and stitch with fellow bargello enthusiasts.

I have used the same colors that Patricia Hartman has used for hers, but since none of us have actually seen a color photograph of the initial project, my placing of colors is in all probability different than what did Patricia with hers.

Those are not quite the colors that I normally work with but decided to use them anyway since the name of this project suggested it was a "wild" rose. I must say that I am glad that I followed my instincts and went with her colors instead of changing them as I really love how it looks.

(Close-up of a section with the Jessica's mistake)

I realized that I had made a mistake with the Jessica after taking this photo
and have corrected that mistake afterwards.

UPDATE: JUNE 30/2010

Well, strange things seem to be following me these days. A bit of story here. First of all, I would highly recommend for anyone stitching this piece to stitch it on a bigger piece of canvas than recommended. It will make things much easier for framing.

There was a bit of a mix up between my framer and what my husband had asked her to do with this piece. I requested it to be framed diamond shape. In the past when I made special requests I took the precaution of cutting the canvas according to the orientation I wanted. I did not do it this time around as I felt there was not a whole lot of canvas surrounding the stitched piece, so I just left it as it was after stitching.

They decided to put a black mat under the black canvas and it does look absolutely wonderful. The two frames selected I also love. There is a tiny one inside the bigger pink one.

The only problem is that I ended up with it framed like you can see below, which is not bad at all since this is not a big piece. My framer said that she would redo it if that is what I wanted but I would end up with a smaller frame, which is something that I really don't want, so I have decided to keep it like it is.

Things would have just been so much simpler if my canvas had been bigger to start with. I am one of those stitchers which prefer to have a bigger piece of canvas than a smaller one. Unfortunately for me I had no idea of the dimensions needed when I started working on this project. Anyway, I do like it just the same. It is just one of those things but have learned a few lessons out of it. 

(Framed Wild Rose)