Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cats: Anne Stradal, designer

Project: Cats

Designer: Anne Stradal

Type of Needlework: Needlepoint

Photo: 1

Comments: I love stitching Halloween projects as it is just so much fun. If you were a fly on the wall while I stitch such projects, you would see me grinning from start to finish.

This is a small painted canvas, so that was a quick stitch. Have finished it as a door hanger and have given it to a dear friend of mine, just to put a smile on her face ............. and it did because we have been having this ongoing joke between the two of us for what now seems to be like forever.

I often tease her when she says that flying is too expense by saying that all she has to do to come visit me is to climb on her broomstick and fly over to my place and that I will keep the lights on for her for easy roof landing, with a big ladder handy so that she can come down in style to ring my doorbell. Coffee or tea will always be waiting for her with of course a nice assortment of cookies.