Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gracie: Ganet Burr, designer

Project: Gracie

Designer: Ganet Burr

Type of needlework: Stumpwork
(Intermediate level)

Photos: 12

This is an EGA correspondence course taken through EGA CyberStitchers

Comments: When I stitched this lovely project, I had been wanting to do some stumpwork for a while and after seeing Gracie, I just could not resist anymore and just had to stitch her. It was a lot of hard work, but so worth the time spent on her.

You will find photos showing Gracie at different stages from start to finish.

 I was looking for a very special project to put on my blog today and looking through all the projects that remains to be posted on this blog I felt it just had to be Gracie, as she is such wonderful company to have around. I have very pleasant memories stitching her. It was such a great learning experience for me.

Today Daylight Saving Time begins for us in the USA. I like longer evenings, but that also means that the mornings are going to be dark again, making it so much harder to wake up. Bad start this morning as I woke up an hour later than my usual waking up time. At least I hope that this is a sign that Spring is around the corner as Winter has been so very long and cold this year compared to previous ones.

Left side seaweed leaves

Right side long slender seaweed leaves

Seaweed ferns using Edmar Boucle threads

Tail and fins for Gracie

Sand added

Wired elements: Seaweeds

Wired elements: Large and small fins and the fish body

Adding the fish body over two layers of padding (felt)

Attaching all the wired elements, adding the eyes, mouth and some bubbles

Close-up of Gracie

Gracie all framed up