Saturday, October 30, 2010

Miniature boxers : Designers, the Secret Knicker Gang

(Created by Pierrette)

Project: Miniature boxers for a joke

Designer: Secret Knicker Gang

Type of needlework: Sewing

Photos: 4

Stories in past blog entries:  Miniature knickers and  ATCs 

Comments: Our little Secret Knicker Gang had so much fun with our little joke that some of us pushed the envelope just a little bit further and made some miniature boxers too.

If you want to read about what happened before this episode or just need to refresh your memory, please click on the two links above next to "Stories in past blog entries"

It all started with the miniature knickers, followed by a little story told with Artistic Trading Cards and then followed by this post with the miniature boxers.

The Secret Knicker Gang has also made the "Artistic Dolls" exchange. Unfortunately I don't have all the photos of the dolls but you can see the photos that I do have here.

(Created by Kerry)

(Created by Terry)

(Created by Terry)