Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's another bad hair day: Claire Crompton, designer

Project: Comedy Dog

Designer: Claire Crompton

Type of needlework: Cross Stitch

Photos: 3

(they also have a lovely free design section)

Comments: The son of a friend of mine has a beautiful otterhound dog that goes by the name of Marz. When I saw this lovely design of a dog that had similar characteristics, I thought it would be fun to stitch it for Matt, the dog owner, and decided to make a little bookmark out of it, so that it would be more practical. 

I also love what it says on it "It's another bad hair day", as my friend and I had chatted about this very thing many times before I actually saw that drawing. 

I added a little border all around the stitched design in order to make it look more complete and then finished it as a bookmark, added a little bit of black ribbon at the bottom and voilà it was ready to send as a little Christmas gift for him.

(photo of the stitched design)

(photo showing the little border all around it)