Friday, June 11, 2010

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament: 2004 Ornament Exchange

Project: Christmas Ornament

Designer: Ornament stitched by Pauline
and given to me in a 2004 Christmas ornament exchange

Type of needlework: Cross Stitch

Photo: 1

Comments: This is a Christmas ornament that I have received from Pauline on an exchange made on a Brazilian Yahoo group.

I was a bit surprised when I got it (well, a lot surprised actually) as I expected that all the ornaments stitched and exchanged by the participants in this exchange to be done in Brazilian embroidery, so my very first reaction was of disappointment, but I got over it. 

I think that Pauline has done a great job in stitching and finishing her ornament. She has cut a little piece of tree branch and inserted it at the top between the two layers of Aida as to create a kind of bell pull hardware. Very good thinking there as it makes the finishing quite unique and special. 

She finished it all by tying a piece of ribbon so that the ornament can be hung and by adding fuzzy knitting thread or something of that nature at both ends of the little wood piece, not sure for what medium this thread is originally made for, but anyway it goes very well with her finishing.