Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cat Scissor Fob that I made for a friend

Project: Cat Scissor Fob

Designer: Something that I put together for a friend

Type of needlework: Embroidery

Wonderful website when looking for free patterns: Cathy Creatif 

Photos: 2

Comments: One of my friends wanted a couple of scissor fobs for her little scissors so that she would be able to spot them easily whenever she misplaced them, which was and is still often, so I put my thinking cap and thought about the things that meant something to her and that would put a smile on her face. She loves cats and through the years had many, so I thought this was a good choice for her.

Once I had decided on the subject matter, I needed a design that would fit in such a little space. A whole cat would have been way too big for this little project so I found this lovely cat on Cathy Creatif website,  and just used the head for my little scissor fob.

 I traced a square on some silk dupioni fabric and then traced the design on the fabric (diamond shape), stitched the little cat and put the back fabric together with the front, put a little amount of stuffing inside, made a little cord and attached it around my diamond shape scissor fob and then made a little tassel to it for further embellishment and I was done.

Tomorrow I will show you the second one I made for  her.