Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rapunzel: Marion Scoular, designer

Project: Rapunzel

Designer: Marion Scoular

Type of needlework: Blackwork

Photos: 4 photos and more to come

Some of Marion's designs and books here

Marion's Achievement Award at National Academy of Needlearts here

Photos showing some of Marion's work here and here

Free online class here

Example of one Marion Scoular hardanger class here

While doing research I found this very interesting article on How to start and end threads

Comments: Here again Marion tells us about Rapunzel like she did for The Princess and the Pea. Here is what Marion tells us this time around.


There was once a couple who longed in vain for a child. A window of their modest home overlooked the garden next door which was owned by a Witch, who filled it with beautiful flowers and tempting vegetables. So envious was the wife that she persuaded her loving husband to sneak through the fence to steal some rampion for her salad. On the second foray, the Witch caugh him, and in response to his plea that he was only trying to please his dear wife, she agreed to let him go, but demanded that in return, she should be given their child.

Indeed, when the child was born and given the name Rapunzel, which means rampion, the Witch took her to a high tower, deep in the woods. There she grew to be incredibly beautiful, with long golden hair. The Witch would stand at the foot of the tower and call, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel all golden and fair, Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair." Whereupon, Rapunzel would unbraid her glorious locks so the Witch could use them as ladder.

Rapunzel sang with the voice of an angel, and one day, this was heard by a Prince as he rode through the forest. Mesmerized, he witnessed the Witch's ritual, memorized it, and when the Witch had gone, used it himself to see at closer hand the lovely Rapunzel. Love blossomed, but sadly, Rapunzel made the naive mistake of asking the Witch why she was so slow and the Prince so nimble. Furious, the Witch slashed off Rapunzel's locks and carried her off to the wilderness.

Using Rapunzel's hair, the Witch lured the Prince back to the tower, where in trying to escape, he fell into thorn bushes which scratched his eyes, blinding him. Doomed to wander for many a day throughout the land, the Prince eventually heard a plaintive familiar song.

Seeing the Prince's blindness, Rapunzel's tears fell on his eyes, restoring his sight. Joyfully they returned to his Palace and have lived happily ever since.

---End of story---

I just think that it makes the stitching of any piece so much more special when you know what the design is really all about. I always love to know where the inspiration for any designs has come from.

Below, you can first see a photograph of the finished project. This photo came with Marion's instructions. Then you can see a few additional photos of what I have done so far.

(Marion's photo of the finished project)

(Tree on the right side of the tower)

(Tree and foliage)

(More foliage surrounding the tree)

*** Additional posting about this project will be added to this post.


I have received a personal message asking information about a Victorian Heart Pincushion. I normally respond directly to the writer, but I can't this time around as I have unfortunately lost the email. The needed information is right here.
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