Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Little Story with Artistic Trading Cards: The Secret Knicker Gang

ATC # 1: Created by Elaine

Project: A Litttle Story with Artistic Trading Cards

Designers: The Secret Knicker Gang

Type of needlwork: Artistic Trading Cards

Photos: 7

Comments: The idea of creating a little story with ATCs (Artistic Trading Cards) came to the Secret Knicker Gang, minus myself, during the time we were making the miniature knickers.

As I said in a previous post here, we had lots of fun, exchanging ideas, joking around, etc. and since I am Francophone, I sometimes express myself in ways that is not what one can call "perfect" English and it makes things funny at times.

Anyway, we kept talking about dropping our knickers at the post office to send to Terry and it did not take too long before ideas germinated in their mind and they started plotting something else.

Without my knowing anything about it, the Secret Knicker Gang decided to play a secondary joke on me this time around and made those little ATCs telling a little story. Each member of the Secret Knicker Gang was responsible for her part in that story.

In the 1st Artistic Trading Card above, Elaine established my position as Commander-in-Chief of the Secret Knicker Gang. Would that mean that I was the "bossy" one?

In the 2nd one below, Jackie created a POSTER with my photo and the knickers that got me on the Ten Most Wanted, mostly at post offices.

In the 3rd ATC created by Linda, the Gang tried to establish a good defense for me or perhaps I was just in plain denial about the whole thing. Sometimes they go hand in hand.

In the 4th one created by Jill, she put me in a different pair of knickers, one that would fit better with the prison life that might or would be in store for me, if things went all wrong.

In the 5th ATC created by Catharine, we can see my initials, a saw, a heart and a pair of knickers. Does that  mean a broken heart due to dropping my knickers at the Post Office or over a bad possible outcome like "life in prison"?

In the 6th one, Denise provided me with some useful tools that I might/would need in prison, perhaps to launch a daring escape.

In the 7th  and final ATC created by Kerry, she is showing everyone a precedent which perhaps might be used in court by my attorney for my defense. I am thinking that if that does not prove my innocence, I am not sure what will. I may be able to stay home after all (big grin)



 Yvette Stanton is considering having a Stitch Along with one of her Mountmellick project if enough stitchers are interested in participating. You may read more about it here and perhaps you could leave her a message letting her know if that is something that you might be interested in participating in.

Yvette Stanton website is Vetty Creations.  I intend to participate myself. I have got most of her books, but have not yet stitched anything of hers, so I thought that this would be an ideal way to start me going with this technique.


Now, let's continue with the little story created by The Secret Knicker Gang

ATC #2: Created by Jackie Y.

ATC #3: Created by Linda F.

ATC #4: Created by Jill

ATC #5: Created by Catharine

ATC #6: Created by Denise

ATC #7: Created by Kerry

-- END OF STORY and no harm ever came to me as of course there was never any actual dropping of knickers except of course those that had already been packed in a nice little package for Terry --