Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Hibiscus and the Butterfly: Pearsall's Company

Project: The Hibiscus and the Butterfly

Designer: Kit from Pearsall's Company

Gift received: My friend Terry stitched this for me

Type of needlework: Stumpwork

Photos: 2

Comments: From time to time I will add photos of projects that I have either received as gifts or as part of an exchange between friends or group members.

The Hibiscus and the Butterfly was stitched by my friend Terry as a gift for me. It is a silk stumpwork kit stitched on green Dupioni silk fabric that she purchased at the time on the Pearsall's website. I just checked their website and they do not seem to carry this particular design anymore.

She sent me the stitched design without the frame as we always do when we give each other gifts of that nature and you can see a photo of Hibiscus below. I just love it and she has stitched it wonderfully as she always does.

We had it framed right away.  My husband, who is the one in the family who work with our framer for all my framing projects, decided together with our framer to only add a frame, leaving out the mat and the glass this time around, as they felt it was just not needed and when he brought it back I had to fully agree with them as the way it was framed seems just perfect for this project.

(Photo showing Hibiscus as received through the mail)