Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

Project: The Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

Type of needlework: Embroidery

Designer: A drawing that I use from  http://cathycreatif.free.fr/index_galerie.php

Photos: 2

Comments: I love to stitch fun stuff but for some reason I rarely do, so when Halloween comes I indulge myself in fun stitching. I was trying to find some cute Halloween project and then I saw this charming ghost washing spider webs and I thought what a great idea this is, so I got busy and stitched it.

I wanted to be able to just put it on a shelf for display so I thought that a flat-fold finish would be just perfect.

Judy Odell from "Just a Thought" has a series of books on different kinds of  finishing so I ordered a few of her books. One of the book I purchased is called "The Flat-fold".  Doing the finishing was actually easier than I thought at first as I found her instructions quite easy to follow.