Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project Update: Orna's needlecase

on initial posting dated 01/15/2011

I have just completed Orna's needlecase project and I have added a couple of additional photos on my original blog post. You can see them here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seeds of Love bookmark: An adaptation of a Brenda Ryan design

Project: Seeds of love bookmark

Designer: This is an adaptation of a design by Brenda Ryan
(Inspirations Magazine issue 51 for the design
and issue 50 for the bookmark style)

Type of Needlework: Embroidery

Photos: 2

Comments: When I was looking for something useful and pretty to make for a friend of mine, the idea of a bookmark came to mind since she loves to read when she is not stitching, cooking, gardening, working and so on. Once I had decided on a bookmark for her, my next decision was what to stitch on it. I then remembered a little fabric envelope that I had stitched a while back with the cute little flowers, which seemed perfect.

Here is the link of that project.

For those who may be wondering what is the title of the book below, it is called "Embroideries from an English Garden by Carol Andrews" (projects and techniques in surface embroidery). I have not yet stitched anything from that book, but it is definitely on my list of things that I want to stitch. There is no connection between my little bookmark and the book. It just happened to be close by when I took the bookmark photo and the colors went well together (big grin).

Making this little bookmark gave me additional ideas for adapting Brenda Ryan design to other little projects.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Orna's Needlecase: Orna Willis, designer

 (Just completed Orna's needlecase after receiving
some additional thread on 01/27/2011)

(A different way of tying the ribbon)

UPDATE: January 30, 2011

I have received more thread from Orna Willis on January 27/2011 and I was able to find some time today to finish this needlecase.

I have decided that I will use this needlecase for my current projects. I have divided the inside in 4 sections, so I can put needles for 4 current projects as long as I identified each section correctly, I should be in business. If not, well, I will be in trouble (grinning). 


(Photo of what has been done so far
but ran out of thread that was included in the kit)

Project: Orna's needlecase

Designer: Orna Willis

Type of needlework: Needlepoint

Photos: 2 so far

Orna Willis website: http://ornadesign.com/

Comments: Yesterday I thought that I could do this little project as there is really not a lot of work involved before ending up with a lovely needlecase, but life would not have it this way as that would have been way too easy. I ran out of the yellow/golden thread that was included in the kit, as you can see in the photo. I was stitching and hoping against all hope that somehow the thread would be long enough for me to go around the design. I am sure that lots of you have been there, stitching faster and faster as if by doing that you would have enough thread to complete the project.

I just feel frustrated these days as no matter what I want to do, something happens that makes me stop cold in my tracks.  

An example of that just to show you what has been happening and you can multiply this example many times over.

 Months and months ago I ordered some fabric from a stitching shop - Belfast 32 count, Light Terra Cotta for an EGA CyberPointers project that I was interested in making - A Punto Antico Biscornu pincushion designed by one of our members, Jeanine Robertson of Canada.

Well the shop had to order the fabric from Germany, if my recollections are correct, and through no fault of the shop, it took forever before the company shipped that particular fabric to them and I just got it in the mail two days ago. I almost fainted from shock. I thought, well after waiting all this time for this fabric, I will get the thread and work on it right away.

So, filled with excitement I immediately proceeded to look at my DMC floss color charts in order to find the "perfect" color to go with the fabric. I found it too: DMC 3777, so my next step was to go online to order some  DMC Perle #8 and #12 of that color only to discover that DMC just don't make that color for Perle. Frustration!

I said OK let's go see if I can find a similar color with Anchor Perle, only to end up with the same feeling. Frustration! ...........

and my frustration list goes on and on. There must be some bad Karma surrounding me these days.

Anyway, coming back to Orna's needlecase, I have written to her yesterday afternoon about it, so I should soon hear back from her and the project will eventually be completed and all will be well with the world, or will it????

(Photo borrowed from Orna's site)
I love these colors but they were not available when I purchased my kit.
Looks like the canvas is blue from the photo - gorgeous!