Saturday, November 27, 2010

Five Flower Sampler: Delma Moore, designer

Project: Five Flower Sampler

Designer: Delma Moore

Type of Needlework: Brazilian Embroidery

Photos: 9 (so far)

Blackberry Lane website: http://www.blackberrylane.com.au/

Other Delma Moore design completed here.

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This is another project that I have started but not yet completed. The fun part is yet to be done, meaning the flowers. I really need to take some time in 2011 to finish this project.

(Photo showing the necessary threads for this project)

(A few leaves stitched)

(Close-up of the leaves)

(Another leave closeup)

(Leaves and some stems)


(Another closeup)

(Photo showing what has been done at this point.
Flowers still need to be stitched as well as border)