Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Crazy Quilting Sachet Pillow: A gift received

Project: Little Crazy Quilting Sachet Pillow

Designer: A gift from my friend Terry

Type of needlework: Crazy Quilting

Photos: 3

Comments: This is a little crazy quilting sachet pillow that my friend Terry made for me some years ago. We were both doing crazy quilting at the time and she surprised me with this little sachet pillow as she knew that I had already started a collection of little pillows.

Terry has added on the back of the little pillow a special little scented pad hidden under the lady's head, which she first dyed using different color dyes and then appliqued on the back of the pillow (photo below)

(View of lady's head on the back of the sachet pillow)

(Closeup showing how the little scented pad has been hidden under)