Sunday, April 11, 2010

Options in Hardanger: Dale Sokolow, designer

Project: Options in Hardanger

Designer: Dale Sokolow, designer

Type of needlework: Hardanger

Photos: 3

An EGA correspondence course: http://www.egausa.org/

Received through: EGA CyberStitchers: http://www.cyberstitchers.org/

Comments: When I saw this hardanger project, I just could not resist it. I thought it was just so beautiful.

This course came with 3 different layouts. I have only stitched one of them so far, but fully intend to do the other two in other colors at one point in time.

I stitched the layout #2 using Ash Rose Lugana fabric with Gobi Sand watercolours and pearl cottons threads. Those colors have turned so beautifully together. They were the colors that Dale used when stitching this layout. Since I loved them, I did not see any purpose in changing them just for the sake of changing them.

(photo showing everything stitched except the fillings)

(Project completed before cutting excess fabric around border)