Monday, March 29, 2010

Artistic dolls

(Green doll on the left was the second one I made and the pink angel one on the right was made by Terry)

Project: Christmas exchange with fabric dolls

Designers: Dolls' outfits, hairdos and selection of faces applied on the dolls shown in all the photos have been either made by Terry, Kerry or myself

Type of needlework: Artistic dolls

Photos: 6

Joggles web store : http://www.joggles.com/ 
where all the items have been purchased at the time we made the exchange

Comments: I was part of a little group of stitchers, in what seems like a lifetime ago, when one day we decided that it would be fun to make a little exchange between us for that upcoming Christmas. We had no idea what we could make, so we started suggesting things without much enthusiasm for any of the suggestions that far then one of the woman in our little group suggested that we could make artistic dolls. Jackie told us that she had made some in the past and they were easy to make, fun and not expensive, which was something that was in everyone's mind at the time.

Jackie sent us to a webstore where she had purchased hers and we each purchased some. I purchased 3 myself. As you can see from one of the photo below, they are very basic fabric dolls (the dolls were made of different fabric and colors, our choice to make), we got some different artificial hair colors, various printed faces to be transfered on the doll's head, a bit of fabric that we all had plenty of in our stash since we were all crazy quilters, some threads and a little bit of artistic imagination and we were ready to go.

I was so out of my element with this project that it was not even funny at the time and that project did not seem as easy as Jackie was making it to be, but I was willing to try and hope for the best. I made two dolls and received two lovely ones in return.

On the photo above, you can see my second doll, the one in green with reddish hair.

The photo just here below shows you what those dolls looked like when I received them from Joggles together with choices of doll faces and curly hairs of different colors.

Fabric doll, doll face transfers and curly hair
(I had purchased 3 fabric dolls of different colors, made 2 and this one remains for a later day)

The green and purple doll above is the first one I made. As you can see, I made her an everyday wear, nothing complicated but I need to give myself credit because the colors of her outfit perfectly matched the fabric of the doll itself. Jackie got this doll of mine in the exchange.

These are the two dolls that I have received in the exchange. The one on the left was made by Terry and the one on the right by Kerry. One of the girl was ready to fly like an angel and the other one to party all night long.

The doll that Kerry made standing alone.

(Photo of the doll Terry made for me - after she took this photo
she decided to add a little necklace as can be seen on photos above)