Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daydreams: Sular Designs

Project: Daydreams (Rainbow Gallery chart, 1991)

Designer: Unknown
(Sular Designs)

Type of needlework: Needlepoint

Photos: 3

Cadberry Tea tray: http://www.sudberry.com/catalog/teadresser.htm

Comments: This is one of the first design that I have stitched. The finished size is 6" by 10". This design could be done in three different colors: Fall/Earth tone, Pink/Blue pastel and Peach/Green pastel. Since I instinctively tend to go with earth tones, I selected the first option for mine.

The original design on the photograph had been inserted in a lovely Sudberry Tea Tray. A piece of gold lame has been put under mine and you can see little bits of gold coming through here and there. I just love this piece and how it was finished.

I have retaken a few photographs as I did not really like my original one, but it was difficult because of the glares of both the glass and the gold lame underneath. I still think that they are an improvement over the original photo though as we can see better.

The ideal solution is to take a photograph before doing any finishing at all but I did not used to do that when I first started stitching unfortunately. I don't think that we even had a digital camera, so that would explain it. Things have changed considerably for us since the coming of digital cameras as we now know right away if a photo is good or not and we can take as many snapshots as necessary and it does not cost us an arm and a leg with photo finishing.

Above is a closeup photograph