Monday, August 16, 2010

Christmas Crazy Quilting Block

Project: Christmas Crazy Quilting Block

Designer: Something that I am creating

Type of needlework: Crazy Quilting

Photos: 10

A great resource for Crazy Quilters: http://www.pintangle.com/

Comments: This is an unfinished project which I really want to complete. I have chosen a Christmas theme for this Crazy Quilting block as I thought it might inspire me to do something special as I love that time of the year.

First thing I had to do was to find some pieces of fabric that were Christmassy and went well together and then decide on how I was going to put the different pieces of fabric together. The first photo below shows the naked CQ block.

(Photo of naked block)

Then, I picked some lace and trims that I particularly liked and added them to my naked block. This second photo below shows the three I have selected for this purpose.

(Photo showing the first 3 additions)

I then proceeded in stitching two seam treatments which you can see on the third photo below. I have added a close-up photograph of those two seam treatments.

(Photo showing two embroidered seam treatments)


When I started this Christmas CQ block I had in my possession a lovely policeman that I wanted to use for this project. I have also embroidered the word "Noel" and added another seam treatment. A few close-up photos have been included below.

(Embroidered the word "Noel" and also added the policeman)

(Close-up for Noel)

(Policeman close-up)

Continuing with my Christmas theme I decided to embroider a reindeer which you can see on the photo below. I did not have room to do an entire one so just went with a reindeer head. There is also a close-up photo below for the reindeer.

(Embroidered a reindeer)

(Reindeer close-up)

This last photograph shows the work that has been done so far on this project. I now need to have a good thinking session to see what else I can add to this Christmas block that would look great.

I will add successive photos on this blog entry.

(Photo showing all the work done so far on this Christmas block)