Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shalimar: Carol Costello, designer

(Photo of Shalimar that came with the instruction booklet)

Project: Shalimar

Designer: Carol Costello
(Fancy Work & Fantasies)

Type of needlework: Needlepoint

Photos: 9 so far

Comments: This is another work in progress and I am almost done with this project. Only the middle section remains.

This project is on 14-mesh tan Zweigart canvas and only needs a few different threads like Medici and Perle cotton in two different sizes.

I really need to give this one a last effort and I will end up with a lovely pillow.

(Photo 1)

(Photo 2)

(Photo 3)

(Photo 4)

(Photo 5)

(Photo 6)

(Photo 7)

(Photo 8)