Monday, May 31, 2010

Miniature knickers for a friend in need: The Secret Knicker Gang, designers

(Created by Catharine)

Project: Miniature knickers for a friend in need

Designers: The Secret Knicker Gang

Type of needlework: Mixed media and Sewing

Photos: 8

Comments: I bet that some of you are wondering what miniature knickers are doing on my blog.

I sometimes  mention that I used to co-own a crazy quilt group with a friend. Well, it all started back then as a big joke concerning my good friend Terry.

I am a big teaser and there is something that happened during that time that just got my imagination going. She often said to me and also to the group after someone wrote something especially funny that she almost peed in her knickers while reading it.

Oh yes, they use the word "knickers" in dear old England, so everything started from those innocent enough words, at least in her own mind. BUT, I am French speaking (Canadian) and down here knickers is not quite the word we would use for such item. When I first encountered the word, of course nobody had to draw me any picture, I  knew what she was talking about, but somehow the visuals I got each time, in my probably much too fertile imagination, were of those old fashioned undergarments. I am talking years ago here and of course each time that I visualize any of them, I laughed myself something silly.

I started chatting about this to some other friends in that group and can't remember exactly the sequence of events, but some of us thought it would be such a funny thing to just make her some miniature knickers and just put them in the mail one by one as we each completed ours. I could almost envision the expression on her face (strong imagination helping here) when she would be opening the first little package, then the second, then the third ..................... well, you see the picture I am sure.

A few friends thought this would be fun too and wanted to join me in this little adventure and they in turn talked to a few of their friends and we ended up a nice little group of friends all wanting to participate in this little joke. 

In order to keep our emails back and forth secrets, we decided it would be better to have a special place where we could exchange ideas and jokes and we created a special group just for that purpose and we called ourselves "The Secret Knicker Gang". I must say that we had the best of time making them (I know that I sure did) and joking amongst ourselves about them as we were working on them. Oh yes, almost forgot, the idea of the joke was that Terry would have lots of spare knickers to change when .......... well I am sure that you are getting the idea and I don't have to spell it out, right?

You will see the photos of the knickers made by our little group with the names of the person who made each one of them.

(Created by Denise)

(Created by Elaine)

(Created by Jackie)

(Created by Jill)

Well she made one for me after I had seen the miniature one here and loved it so much.

(Created by Kerry)

(Created by Linda)

(Created by Pierrette)