Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pincushion and Count Keepers

Projects: Pincushion and Count keepers

Designer: Something that I did after seeing them elsewhere

Type of needlework: Not entirely sure how to classify these

Photo: 1

Tutorial giving instructions for creating your own pincushion similar to mine above can be found at Whipup.

Comments: I was looking for something practical and cute to make as a gift  and I thought of putting together a simple but cute little pincushion. Then, I got the idea of also making a count keeper to go with it. 

We all need and want stitching accessories so I thought it would be a useful gift, something that she could use on a daily basis. I know that I could never  have too many pincushions and this one was unpretentious, as it was only made with fabric, so she would not hesitate in stitcking needles in it.  I have some pincushions that I would never ever dare stick a needle in them. I just keep those around me in my stitching room as decorations.

I have used the tutorial indicated aboveto make mine and I had seen some count keepers in magazines and they seem simple enough to make so I went ahead and tried it and it worked wonderfully. Just one problem though, I forgot to make at least one for myself, something that I need to remedy as I do lots of counting and that sure would be helpful.