Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hardanger Ornaments: Karen Buell, designer

Project: Hardanger ornaments
(Project number H17)

Designer: Karen R. Buell

Type of needlework: Hardanger

Photo: 1

Comments: It was a surprise for me to discover the different types of designs that Karen Buell has created during the years when I made my little Google search. I thought she was a hardanger designer, but it seems that I was wrong in presuming this and I  must keep her other projects in mind as I love them.

The hardanger ornaments seen in the photo came from a little kit I purchased years ago. I was then starting to do hardanger and needed something easy to get me started and I found those online somewhere. I can't recall where now as it has been so long. The kit number is H17 and the publication date was 1990.

I also learned a new finishing method, new for me, which had been provided with the instructions that came with the kit. I love to learn how to finish projects myself as it gives me an opportunity to do a project from start to finish (excluding the designing part of course). I stay away though from framing any of my projects. A girl needs to draw a line somewhere and that is where I draw mine (grinning)