Monday, November 1, 2010

More Options in Hardanger: Dale Sokolow, designer

(Photo showing what has been completed so far in this project)

Project: More Options ... in hardanger

Designer: Dale Sokolow

Type of needlework: Hardanger

Photos: 10 so far

Another Dale hardanger project that I have stitched called "Options in Hardanger"

This is an EGA correspondence course: http://www.egausa.org/

Taken through EGA CyberStitchers: http://www.cyberstitchers.org/

Comments: The first project I have stitched from Dale was "Options in Hardanger" and when "More Options ...in hardanger came along, I decided to get on board this one too.

This piece of hardanger is done on #28 Plum Blossom Jobelan fabric using some Watercolours and Anchor #12 Pearl Cotton threads.

The size of the finished piece will be around 8" by 13 1/2".
I have already purchased my bell pull hardware for the finishing.

As you can see, most of it has been done. I still have to fill some diamond shapes, add another row of blanket stitch on top for the hardware to be enclosed in and I will be done.

While looking at the photos below I thought it was interesting to see the different color shades depending on the day's lighting. 

(1st photo taken showing upper and middle sections)

(2nd photo showing top, middle and bottom sections)

(Photo showing the beginning of outside border)

(Outside border completed)

(Photo showing the outside border added on the top and middle sections)

(Same thing but showing the bottom section)

(Photo showing additional work in upper section)

(Same thing but on bottom section)

(Work done on this project so far)