Friday, May 21, 2010

Cottage surrounded by bird, insects and flowers

Project: Cottage surrounded by bird, insects and flowers

Designer: A gift received from my friend Terry
(She says it is probably either a DMC or Anchor kit that she purchased ages ago)

Type of needlework: Embroidery

Photo: 2

Comments: This is a little cottage that my friend Terry said that was either a DMC kit or an Anchor one but she can't be certain as it has been way too long ago that she has stitched it.

I think that this was the very first cottage that she stitched and she used two threads in her needle instead of the one that she has been using afterwards, so she ended up not being as happy with the results as she would have been if she had used only the one thread as it gives a more delicate appearance and this one has a little more bulky appearance than the first one but I love it just the same and I am happy to have it.

After giving me the Ivy Cottage and seeing how much I love it, she decided to give me this one too, one that she had already stitched a while back, but had not yet done anything with it. I had it framed like I did the other one and now I can move from one cottage to the next, at least in imagination.

(Photo showing the stitched cottage still on the hoop)