Monday, March 15, 2010

Little clown

Project: Little clown

Type of needlework: Embroidery

(beautiful drawings that can be adapted to embroidery)

Finishing: Done as an ATC (artistic trading card)

Photo: 1

Comments: I love to try things at least once so when we had some ATC (Artistic Trading Card) exchanges, I signed up for some of them.

This is a little clown I have stitched for which I found a drawing on the website listed above. All that remains after that was to decide how to stitch him, what colors to use, etc.

I decided to do a bit of thread painting for part of his outfit, added a few juggling balls, finished it and it was ready to be mailed. I really like the little fellow and I wish I could have kept it. I have this thing for clowns ever since I made a drawing of one of them in class when I was in eight grade and I surprised myself and my art teacher as it was so well drawn with a very sad expression on his face. I am not normally great at drawing so this was one in a lifetime extra special drawing. Too bad I don't have that one either. I need to stitch myself a clown and keep it this time around.

If I had to redo this clown ATC again, I would probably put a cardboard piece sandwiched between the two pieces of fabric so that it would end up straighter. It looks a bit ragged as it is (grinning).